Save 20-30% on your factory or office's tolietpaper expense.

Save 20-30% on your factory or office's tolietpaper expense.

With rising energy costs and general inflation, companies are searching for ways to co expenses to maintain bottom-line profitability. Many financial managers and buyers will be happy to hear that Orbit Industrial has a new product that will save 20-30% of their current toiletpaper expense. 

This applies to organizations of any size, but any business with more than 100 employees on site will see the benefit of the Kimberly-Clark Twinfeed Toilet Tissue dispenser immediately on their bottom line. 

The concept behind the Twinfeed dispenser is Controlled Dispensing. The system, only dispenses on sheet of 2ply paper at a time. This sheet is 2.32 times longer than traditional sheets and therefore ample to get the job done. 

Most people take much more paper from a traditional roll than what is actually needed to wipe. This is further compounded when people have runny noses and use paper to blow their noses. They simply take more than is necessary. 

Most business already try to save on cost by purchasing 1Ply toiletpaper for their staff. This paper is often of such low quality that it lacks the strength to handle a good nose blow, which means they take more to compensate. Often these products also lead to more complex hygiene problems such as infections. 

Kimberly-Clark Twinfeed benefits:

  • With 2Ply paper you will save at least 20% compared to current 1PLY spend
  • Less time spent by cleaners refilling toilet rolls and zero outtages
  • Reduced theft of paper by staff
  • Less storage space required 
  • Less paper enters toilet systems, thus saving on plumbing cost unblocking drains
  • Increased office hygiene as people never get to touch un-used rolls

The financial risks associated with installing the system is virtually zero,as savings are realised from day one. 

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