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6558 Scott Control 2PLY Rolled Hand Towel Towel 200m (20x19.8cm)

6558 Scott Control 2PLY Rolled Hand Towel Towel 200m (20x19.8cm)

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Use with: 7375 Aquarius Rolled Hand Towel Dispenser 25cm

Scott® Control™ rolled hand towels are designed for reliable hand hygiene in busy washroom environments that demand consistency and are the most efficient hand towels for reliable everyday hand drying. 

Our unique Airflex™ Technology results in faster absorbency for more hygienic hand drying, whilst also using less and creating less waste.

These long hand towels are European Ecolabel certified for environmental assurance and are also food contact certified. These hand towels feature compression technology for increased sustainability through reduced storage and transportation.

Ideal for: Any high-traffic areas (e.g. food service, airports) where both cleanliness and cost-efficiency are critical, these rolled hand towels are the most efficient vs. competitor systems, providing 23% more dries.

Soft yet highly absorbent, even when wet.


  • 20 x19.8cm
  • 6 rolls x 200m = 1200 sheets/case
  • White


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