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7186- Twin Centrefeed Toilet Paper Dispenser- For Jumbo Toilet Roll

7186- Twin Centrefeed Toilet Paper Dispenser- For Jumbo Toilet Roll

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Use with: 8595- Scott Control Toilet Tissue Centrefeed roll- 204meter

The Aquarius™ Twinfeed toilet paper dispenser is designed to save on toiletpaper cost in high-traffic washrooms. It further supports the highest high levels of hygiene standards and delivers a consistent washroom solution. 


  • Developed for busy washroom environments. 
  • Lifetime warranty on dispenser
  • Lockable dispenser reduces chances of theft
  • Controlled one-sheet dispensing for increased efficiency - controls usage, reduce waste and lowers costs. 
  • Minimises environmental impact by reducing raw material, storage and transportation needs.
  • High capacity loading means less time on refilling, ensuring there's always product available
  • Accomodates two rolls at a time. Allows each roll to be run out fully before change, minimising waste from leftover rolls.
  • Fully enclosed to increase washroom hygiene, protecting the rolls against cross-contamination and ensuring users only touch the sheet they use.
  • Smooth rounded design of this toilet paper dispenser has no dirt traps, allowing an easy one-wipe-clean for improved washroom hygiene.
  • The patented dual door system allows one centrefeed toilet roll to be changed independently without disturbing the other roll for maximum efficiency and minimum waste.
  • Perfect for small spaces, the flat-to-wall design of this centrefeed toilet roll dispenser only protrudes up to 133mm into the cubicle and is robust, lockable and fire-resistant.

Compatible for use with Scott® Control™ mini twin centrefeed toilet paper 8595, created to perfectly compliment each other and lead the way in hygiene and efficiency.

The Aquarius™ mini twin centrefeed toilet paper dispenser measures 46.4cm (L) x 27.4cm (W) x 13.3cm (D). 1 x White

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