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8347 WypAll® X80 Power Clean™ Cloths (475 sheet roll)

8347 WypAll® X80 Power Clean™ Cloths (475 sheet roll)

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From wiping up grime, oil and grease to soaking up food prep spills, having the right wipe on hand is crucial to your operation. WypAll® X80 blue roll cleaning cloths do not tear and maintain consistency in quality and size. Advanced Hydroknit™ technology ensures each 1 ply cleaning cloth is strong, durable and highly absorbent without tearing, perfect for use in industrial cleaning and manufacturing. 

  • These industrial wipers have been tested as compatible for use in spray and wipe application with peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and quats (quaternary ammonium compounds).
  • Where strength and bulk are key requirements, choose WypAll® X80 Power Clean™ cleaning cloths; the WypAll® range of cleaning cloths are designed to help you improve productivity and efficiency whilst reducing waste


  • Individual sheet size 31cm (L) x 31.5cm (W).
  • 475 sheets per roll
  • Blue
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