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Rymax lubricants

Rymax Copper Grease (400ML)

Rymax Copper Grease (400ML)

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Rymax Copper Grease is a premium quality copper anti-seize and thread lubricant. Now in an aerosol applicator for convenience as opposed to traditional paste applications. 

Prevents corrosion and galling under high temperatures. Contains micro-fine copper flakes in a semi-synthetic grease carrier and fortified with high quality rust and corrosion inhibitors. Operating temperature range from – 40°C up to + 1.100°C. Ensures removal of components at later stages are easy


  • Brake parts
  • Exhaust parts
  • Screwed connections, which are exposed to high temperature
  • Battery Poles
  • Threads of Spark Plugs
  • Wheel nuts and studs
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