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Rymax Lubricants

Gevitro SAE 80W-90 (GL-4) Transmission Oil (20LT)

Gevitro SAE 80W-90 (GL-4) Transmission Oil (20LT)

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Rymax Gevitro GL-4 80W-90 are universal transmissions oils that are developed for manual gearboxes and final drives in passenger cars, buses and commercial vehicles where an API GL-4 is recommended.

It is also available in SAE 85W-140. Rymax Gevitro GL-4 lubricants are formulated with paraffinic base oils and additives to prevent corrosion, oxidation and foam building.


  • Excellent protection against wear and corrosion

  • Optimum extreme pressure properties, providing a superb protection against metal-to-metal contact under the toughest conditions

  • Very good oxidation and thermal stability

  • Excellent seal compatibility

  • Splendid performance in all temperature ranges, for a perfect all-seasons coverage

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