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126Pcs tool trolley with foam inserts (Kennedy)

126Pcs tool trolley with foam inserts (Kennedy)

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Keeping workshop assets well maintained and "up to date" is a difficult task. Tools get lost, worn-out from years of use or downright broken. A workshop is after all a harsh environment.

Management tend to overlook the impact a good tool makes in the efficiency of a technician as well as the effect it has on his/her morale. You need the right tool for the right job, especially if the jobs are challenging.

Look no further than our Kenguy 124piece tool set in a 6 drawer trolley. What we like about it is:
-Build quality
-Foam inserts ensure that lost tools are immediately noticed and replaced
-Importer back-up. Replacement items are available to keep your set complete

We have sold countless of these tool sets to large industrial grade workshops and mines. The feedback is always excellent.

Maybe it is time time to lift you workshop game as well.
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