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Motrax SAE10W-40 SS (4 stroke semi-synthetic oil)

Motrax SAE10W-40 SS (4 stroke semi-synthetic oil)

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Motrax 4T SS is a modern, semi synthetic oil without friction modifiers, especially developed for optimal lubrication of 4-stroke motorcycles with dry or wet clutches. This oil can also be applied in motorcycle transmissions where a SF, SG, SH or SL oil is prescribed/advised.

Motrax 4T SS is suitable for touring, racing and cross applications and offers excellent protection against wear, sediments, sludge and oxidation under all circumstances. Motrax 4T SS has a very high viscosity-index, which results in an optimal viscosity at both cold starting and heavy loaded conditions. Motrax 4T SS reduces the consumption of fuel and oil. Wet clutches and gears are optimally protected.


Despite the extreme loads between the gears, the thickener hardly breaks down, so that the viscosity remains high enough to build a strong oil film, even at high temperatures. At low temperatures, Motrax 4T SS builds up an oil film rapidly, which offers good protection to the cold engine.

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