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Rymax lubricants

Rymax Motrax Fork Oil 5W (1LT)

Rymax Motrax Fork Oil 5W (1LT)

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Motrax 5W Fork Oil is a very poplular fork oil used by well known suspension builders in the south african motocross market. Blended from carefully selected paraffinic base oils with a low pour point and a high viscosity index.

Motrax FO is inhibited with very effective additives, ensuring an exceptional hydraulic springing and shock absorbing action. Scuffing and wear are reduced to a minimum, while a smooth movement is guaranteed. Besides, this oil offers good protection against foam-building and corrosion. Seals are not affected by this product.

Motrax FO has a high thermal and oxidation stability and can be applied in a broad temperature range. Due to the stable viscosity index improvers, the viscosity will stay in grade over a very long time. 

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