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Rymax lubricants

Rymax STOU SAE 15W-40 (205LT)

Rymax STOU SAE 15W-40 (205LT)

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Styx STOU SS SAE 10W/40 is a multi-grade Super Tractor Oil Universal, for the combined  use in the engine, transmission, oil-immersed “wet” brakes and hydraulic system in tractors, combines, harvesters and off-road equipment with or without turbo-charger engine. Thanks to its universal characteristic, this provides an undeniable maintenance advantage, preventing mistakes and allowing you to keep a more limited stock of products.

Styx STOU SS is formulated with high refined mineral and synthetic base stocks, in combination with a dedicated and unique additive package to fulfil all the requirements of STOU. It can be used all year round, providing a perfect cold start, reduces friction and keep the engine clean. It allows an optimum drain interval. Styx STOU SS also offers a perfect protection against corrosion, oxidation, foam-building and wear, even under extreme high loads in transmissions. An optimum level of detergent and dispersant keeps the oil and the system clean from any impurities.

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