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Timing Tool Injector pump

Timing Tool Injector pump

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Bosch VE Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Adapter Timing Tool for VW
Contains metric dial indicator, plus holder, plus 2 extension pins, making the timing easy to set, as the timing has a range from 0.83mm to 1.15mm.
Bosch diesel injection pump timing indicator tools.
Set has a dial gauge with an 8mm shank.
Dial Indicator and Holder.
Tools are used for the accurate setting of the Bosch diesel fuel injection pump timing.
The holder screws into the back of the injection pump, giving a dial indicator reading necessary for setting the correct pump timing.

Application: Bosch VE fuel pump, diesel pumps.
Indicator holder for both size shanks, works with 1981-1986 Volvo 6 cylinder 2.4L diesels,
1989 – 1994 Dodge 6 cylinder 5.9L diesels.
For use on VW and Audi diesels. Indicator holder set suitable for timing Bosch VE injection pumps.
Includes M8, M10 and M12 adapters.

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